The Tiny Webshop Platform

Your customers deserve a seamless experience. TinyShop makes it easy to get your online store up and running quickly with its drag-and-drop interface.

You'll be ready for your first order in minutes, not days.

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The Tiny Webshop Platform

Easily create your own online store.

TinyShop is the perfect tool for small to medium businesses looking for a minimal effort entry to market that just works.

Simplicity at its core

No more confusing administration panels or configurations. Any changes are made directly on the same view that your customers see, massively reducing administation overhead.

Instant Payouts

TinyShop uses Stripe as payment processor. Once onboarded, any sales go directly to your stripe account with zero delay.

Incredibly fast

By reducing overall complexity your shop can be served blazingly fast to your customers. There is a 1% decrease sales for every 100 milliseconds of page load time. A 1-second delay is 7% of traffic lost. Feel free to test our demo shop speed yourself.

No cookie banner

Your shop does not set any non strictly necessary cookies for your users. Therefore no cookie banner is needed which in turn improves usability for your customers.

Ecommerce AI Solution

Revolutionize your webshop with the TinyShop AI Ecommerce Solution, streamline and automate the process of creating high-quality content. With this solution, you can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and SEO of your ecommerce content.

Sign up, create your webshop.

Launching a new webshop takes less than 20 seconds.

Check out your new shop

Start adding products and pages and get a feel for your new tiny webshop.

Complete Stripe on boarding.

Once you complete the on boarding process, your shop will automatically enable to checkout process.

Add your own domain.

Click 'Add Domain' in the dashboard to add your own domain.

Webshop Planning

Transparent pricing. Pay as you grow.

Start on the free tier instantly and upgrade as you start scaling. No upfront payments or credit card required.

1 TinyShop
SSL Certificates
Unlimited Products
Tiny Analytics
5% Sales Fee excl. VAT
€ 20 / Month
All features from free tier
5 TinyShops
2.5% Sales Fee excl. VAT
* The platform is currently only available to invites only. Please contact us for a register code.
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TinyShop is a new online store builder with easy to use drag and drop interface. It's perfect for selling your products in minutes, no design or coding required.
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