Add Domain

In this section we will add a domain to point to your new webshop. This step is not necessary until you want to go live with your webshop. You can continue to setup your webshop until you are ready using the TinyShop placeholder subdomain.

In order to enable the checkout process you need to attach your own domain.


In order to add a domain you need access to your DNS service provider account. TinyShop currently does not offer the ability to purchase domains directly on the platform however this is on the roadmap for the future.


1: Ensure you are logged in to your TinyShop administration dashboard.

2: Locate the Add Domain button on the webshop you want to associate with your domain and click on it.

3: Copy the generated CNAME value that is highlighted in bold in the modal.

4: In your DNS provider account create a CNAME record and paste the value into it.

5: In the TinyShop Domain modal enter the domain name you wish to associate with your webshop and click on Add Domain

Your Domain has now been associated with your webshop. SSL certificates will be generated and updated. This process can take up to 10 seconds.


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