Image Editor

The TinyShop image editor is a powerful tool designed to create visually stunning product images with minimal effort. This feature is particularly useful in situations where studio conditions are not available for capturing product images, as it allows for the automatic removal of backgrounds.

Current Features

  • Automatic background removal
  • Zoom functionality
  • Rotate functionality
  • Adjustable background color options


To use the TinyShop image editor, you must be logged into your webshop with an admin account.

How to Use

1: Visit the product page you wish to add images to.

2: Click on the TinyShop Studio button to open the image editor.

3: Click on the Upload area and select your desired image.

4: Adjust zoom, rotate, or select a background color from the options provided.

5: Click the Submit button to save your changes.

For an example of how to use the TinyShop image editor, please refer to the image and video provided below:


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