Stripe Onboarding

In this step we will complete the stripe onboarding process. This is required for you to activate your webshops checkout process. All payments are handled by Stripe and are directly transfered into your Stripe account.


Stripe will require documents for verification. This can include but is not restricted to your passport or other forms of identification. Depending on your country these requirements can differe.

TinyShop does not store any of these documents. ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS ARE VERIFIED AND STORED BY STRIPE


1: Ensure you are logged in to your TinyShop administration dashboard.

2: Visit the Account Settings Page, fill in your address and click the Update Address button.

3: Click on the Complete Onboarding button.

4: You will be redirected to the Stripe onboarding process. Once you have completed the onboarding you will be redirected back to the TinyShop administration dashboard.


Continue: Creating / Modifying Entities

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