Product Variants

TinyShop supports adding unlimited product variants. In this guide we will look at how to create variant options and then assign them to a product to create variants.


This following steps require you to be logged into your webshop with your admin account.

Creating Product Variant options

1: Navigate to the Properties page under the Settings tab in the admin sidebar.

2: Click on Create button and give it a descriptive property name. (Color, Size etc..)

3: Click on the newly generated property and click on the Add button to create a new value.

4: Enter the desired property value (White, Red or Small, Large) and click Submit.

Generating Product Variants

1: Navigate to product you wish to generate variants on.

2: Click on the Edit Variants button.

3: In the variant generation popup select all the variants that are applicaple to your product.

4: Click on Submit and your product variants will be generated.

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